How to apply

Find a program

Browse the Course Finder to find a program that you want to study. If you're having trouble deciding what you want to study, we have some information to help you.

Check the requirements

In Course Finder check the 'entry requirements' section for programs that you want to study to find out what you will need to include in your application. If you do not meet the requirements for your preferred program you may wish to consider a pathway option.

Which application method?

Follow the links below to decide which application method is right for your situation. If you are not sure, call us on 1800 333 864 or email

Short courses

The following short courses require the completion of customised application forms. If you wish to complete an application for a short course listed below, please select the appropriate link to return to the Course Finder entry (refer to the 'How to apply' section).

Health and safety short courses

Brewing and distilling short courses