OGDEN, Prof Ken

2017 Distinguished Alumnus of the YearProf Ken Ogden image

Years at SMB



Civil Engineering

Education post SMB

B.Eng (Melbourne, 1968),           MEngSc (Melbourne, 1970),      PhD (Monash, 1976)

Employment History

1969-1996Department of Civil Engineering, Monash UniversityLecturer - Professor, including secondments and sabbaticals
1976Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
1979University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UKTransport Operations Research Group
1980-1982Australian Railway Research and Development Organisation, Melbourne 
1990University of California, Irvine, USA 
1994Centre for Transport Studies, University College, London, UK 
1995Department of Transport, Victoria 
1996-2007Royal Automobile Club of VictoriaGeneral Manager Public Policy
2007-presentKen Ogden and Associates Pty LtdPrincipal