Volunteer opportunities on campus

There are a number of valuable volunteer and leadership opportunities on campus all with the common theme of supporting other students. Each role can help to build your Federation University networks, be a positive influence amongst your University community and develop skills. Some positions are available all year round and others have specific application or nomination dates, so keep an eye out on Edge or contact a team directly for more information.

Volunteering can earn you recognition! No matter if it's outside the University or within, make sure you track your volunteering through EDGE to take part in our FedAdvantage program and compete for the Federation Award.

  • Student Ambassador - FedUni student ambassadors have the opportunity to represent Federation University and share their experiences and advice with secondary school students, school leavers, mature age students, parents and teachers. As an ambassador, you will provide advice from a student-central viewpoint, talking about your experiences as a Federation University Student. Find out more.
  • Club or Society Executive - If you can't find an existing Federation University club or society that interests you, why not start a new one? Have a chat to the relevant Student Engagement Officer on your campus about starting up a new club or society.
  • Multi-cultural Student Committee Member - The Multicultural Student Committee is a group of students from any cultural background who advise the Multicultural Student Support team on the Federation University student experience, help out with organising events and provide a friendly welcome for new students. For more info please contact the team directly at multicultural.ss@federation.edu.au
  • PASS LeaderPeer Assisted Study Session (PASS) Leaders are students who have achieved high grades in subjects that PASS is offered in. These students coordinate group study sessions for students currently studying the course they're leading.
  • Residential Support Team Member - As a volunteer FedUni Living community leader and ambassador, you will be expected to support your community and set a good example – working within the Residential Support Team to promote the Federation University's values and goals.
  • Student Academic Leader - Student Academic Leaders are experienced students who have shown exceptional academic abilities and commitment to the university culture by participating in other leadership roles. These students assist other students with their university experience.
  • Student Mentor - Each Mentor is assigned a group of first year students. During the first five weeks of semester, Mentors organise weekly meetings with this small group. Meetings can include activities and discussion of issues such as academic requirements, student discounts, and more.
  • Student Senate Rep - Your Student Senate is a representative student body established in 2012, with student positions representing different campuses, student communities and special interest groups from across Federation University. You can be a voice for other students.
  • Volunteer Champion - If you are passionate about a cause and want to get a project or campaign started on campus, then we are here to help you achieve your goals. It could be anything that positively impacts on your community, from an environmental campaign to hosting an RUOK? Day event. Contact volunteer@federation.edu.au for more information on becoming a volunteer Champion.