People's Sporting Champion

FedAwards 2020 Winner. People's Sporting Champion. Jordyn McCarthy.

The Peoples’ Sporting Champion is someone who makes a significant contribution to sport at Federation University, gives back to the community and has promoted and helped sport to develop. They should be a regular in our sporting programs, whether as a participant, coach or official, and encourage their peers to get involved.

Throughout 2020, Jordy has shown an exceptional amount of dedication and commitment to the sporting programs and events offered by Federation University.

In particular, she showed a great deal of University pride being an active participant in the UniSport Australia Lockdown League and constantly encouraged her fellow students to do the same. She is an avid user of both the FedMoves app and FedUni Strava and engages in any competition the platforms have to offer. Jordy was also the only student to enter each 'event' of the inaugural Fed Iso-Lympics, showing both originality and talent.

Whenever the Federation Community hosts a sporting event, Jordy is always one of the first students to jump on board as a participant, leader or offer a helping hand to encourage other students to participate. She is a natural sportsperson and willing to give her all at the task at hand. Jordy should be commended on her efforts in 2020, for being an active and passionate contributor to a new looking sporting culture and community.

Congratulations Jordyn McCarthy