International Star - Support and Engagement

FedAwards 2020 Winner. Internation Star - Support & Engagement. Pranaya Lohani

This award recognises an international student who has made a significant contribution to University life for their peers.

Pranaya has contributed to many International Student Support projects and is continually supporting his fellow students.

He is incredibly generous with his time, volunteering to assist with the running of the Berwick Community Pantry. He has contributed through endless hours of set up, helps run the pantry during opening hours by checking in every student and puts together care packages for other residents that cannot make it to the pantry.

Pranaya was also a Berwick Residential Advisor this year and goes above and beyond the call of duty to support other residents. He recognised the need for ongoing residential support through constant interactions and welfare checks while the students adapted to the unexpected challenges of social distancing and online learning. Pranaya makes himself available to all resident's day or night for a chat, for reassurance and guidance and he leads by example by displaying exemplary conduct and adherence to the conduct expectations on campus. This form of leadership has proven effective in achieving positive outcomes and consistency and in enhancing his relationships with the residents.

Other activities include serving and delivery of free lunches, birthday cards and cakes; assembling and distributing student care packs; participating in and promoting all virtual events; ensuring resident sundries are in supply- tea, coffee, masks, sanitiser etc.

Pranaya's actions clearly indicate his passion for his fellow students.

Congratulations Pranaya Lohani