FedPride Strategy

FedPride 2021-2024 is a comprehensive strategy, aimed at achieving best inclusive practice in every area of university life: from recruitment and enrolment, to our culture, campuses, how we engage with the communities where our campuses are located and importantly through our curriculum and research.

We know that diversity – having access to and embracing difference in backgrounds, perspectives, knowledge and skills – gives our university a breadth that supports innovation and the highest quality of thinking. It enriches us as individuals and as a community. FedPride has a particular focus on our staff and students being able to bring their whole selves to university life. When we feel safe, included and celebrated, we contribute freely and with enthusiasm and bring the best of ourselves to work and study.

FedPride is an intersectional strategy, in that the rights, inclusion and access of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, people with disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are held as core to every impact area.

FedPride 2021–2024 has been developed with consultation across the University. The strategy is led by the FedPride Steering Group and implemented and monitored by the Implementation Group. Reports to measure progress will be provided annually for the Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Team. FedPride is endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Team.

View the FedPride Strategy 2021-2024 (pdf, 2mb).

If you require this document in an alternative format, please email equity@federation.edu.au