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Award winners

FedAwards winners will be announced progressively during week 11 from Monday 19 October on the Current Students Facebook page with full winner profiles being found here as the announcements are made.

People's Sporting Champion

FedAwards 2020 Winner. People's Sporting Champion. Jordyn McCarthy.

The Peoples’ Sporting Champion is someone who makes a significant contribution to sport at Federation University, gives back to the community and has promoted and helped sport to develop. They should be a regular in our sporting programs, whether as a participant, coach or official, and encourage their peers to get involved.

Throughout 2020, Jordy has shown an exceptional amount of dedication and commitment to the sporting programs and events offered by Federation University.

In particular, she showed a great deal of University pride being an active participant in the UniSport Australia Lockdown League and constantly encouraged her fellow students to do the same. She is an avid user of both the FedMoves app and FedUni Strava and engages in any competition the platforms have to offer. Jordy was also the only student to enter each 'event' of the inaugural Fed Iso-Lympics, showing both originality and talent.

Whenever the Federation Community hosts a sporting event, Jordy is always one of the first students to jump on board as a participant, leader or offer a helping hand to encourage other students to participate. She is a natural sportsperson and willing to give her all at the task at hand. Jordy should be commended on her efforts in 2020, for being an active and passionate contributor to a new looking sporting culture and community.

Congratulations Jordyn McCarthy

2020 Sportsperson of the Year

FedAwards 2020 Winner. Sports Person of the Year. Nicole Frain

This award is for a currently enrolled student who has shown great character, leadership and an interest in their fellow sportspersons. The winner must have represented Fed in some capacity but results in external high performance competition will be taken into account.

2020 has proven to be a tough year for organised sport, one sport that has been able to pivot and continue providing high level competition is cycling.
Nicole Frain embraced the challenge of competing in virtual cycling after recovering from a horrific high speed crash just as she took a big step forward competing in her first World Tour event at the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.

Through the middle of the year cycling was almost exclusively a solo pursuit or a virtual competition and Nicole had immediate success for both her National Road Series team and representing Federation University. With a 2nd place in the SRAM Send It Series wrapped up for Fed, Nicole followed that by taking out the win in the NRS virtual series beating the best female cyclists in Australia.

As a member of our Elite Athlete Program and a UniSport Australia Nationals representative we can always count on Nicole to present both herself and the University in the best light. 2020 has also seen Nicole take on a leadership role with her cycling club in Tasmania, helping to get racing up and running since the easing of restrictions and giving back to her local community.

Congratulations to a very deserving winner of the Federation University Sportsperson of the Year for 2020 Nicole Frain.

Federation Club or Society of the Year

FedAwards 2020 winner. Federation Club or Society of the year. Berwick Psych Society

This award recognises a student-run club/society/team which has been consistently well-run, active and inclusive over an extended period of time. This club/society/team possesses strong leadership in their committee which positively impacts their members/University.

The Berwick Psych Society has worked very hard this year, during difficult circumstances, to come up with ideas, events and activities to keep morale high and maintain engagement with students. Some of the initiatives that the society has run include interactive quizzes, RUOK Day Speed Friending, competitions and fortnightly virtual drop-in sessions for anyone who needs to socialise and talk.

These events and activities have been greatly appreciated by FedUni students and have been integral in increasing engagement, connectedness and peer support. All of which are top priorities for the Society.

Congratulations Berwick Psych Society

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Success

FedAwards 2020 Winner. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Success. Shai Spark.

The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Success Award recognises an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student who has demonstrated excellent effort in their University undergraduate studies, and has made a positive impact in their local or University community.

Shai has made significant contributions to the Aboriginal Education Centre, Federation University and the Aboriginal community. Shai is a remarkable person who will leave a lasting impression even after she graduates. She has demonstrated that she is a very capable, hardworking and highly intelligent person, who is working towards completing her Bachelor of Nursing. She is an exemplary  student who maintains a GPA above 6. This achievement was formally recognised in a commendation letter from Professor Wendy Cross, Dean of the School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions.

Shai shows extraordinary passion for her culture and for Aboriginal rights. This passion drives her life goal of becoming a nurse and to affect policy changes which enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status. She hopes to work and change health policies within rural and remote Aboriginal communities, improving access and quality of health care and ultimately working towards bringing health outcomes for Aboriginal Australians on par with non-Aboriginal Australians.

Racism is unfortunately a factor in Shai’s life, and she is overcoming these obstacles through perseverance, persistence and her certainty in who she is, where she comes from and the mob she belongs to. This determination is a driving force behind her exceptionally high achievements.

Shai’s legacy will and still does inspire other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to reach for the stars in their pursuits.

Congratulations Shai Spark.

International Star - Advocacy

FedAwards 2020 Winner. International Star - Advocacy. Geeta Naralasetty

This award recognises an International student who has helped to make positive change for their peers and shows a devotion for promoting and advocating for the International community on campus.

Geeta has worked tirelessly throughout this year advocating for international students at FedUni. He has actively supported students through creating small group forums for students to put forward their issues and concerns and taking these concerns back to the university to create change. Geeta then ensured any changes made by the University or extra supports put in place were communicated back to the students.

Geeta always makes himself available to answer student questions including where students can go at the university for support services and assistance. He always shows great energy and enthusiasm when advocating for international students assisting to maintain motivation and positivity.

Geeta is also the Academic Board Representative on the Student Senate.

Congratulations Geeta Tirumala Sai Naralasetty

International Star - Support and Engagement

FedAwards 2020 Winner. Internation Star - Support & Engagement. Pranaya Lohani

This award recognises an international student who has made a significant contribution to University life for their peers.

Pranaya has contributed to many International Student Support projects and is continually supporting his fellow students.

He is incredibly generous with his time, volunteering to assist with the running of the Berwick Community Pantry. He has contributed through endless hours of set up, helps run the pantry during opening hours by checking in every student and puts together care packages for other residents that cannot make it to the pantry.

Pranaya was also a Berwick Residential Advisor this year and goes above and beyond the call of duty to support other residents. He recognised the need for ongoing residential support through constant interactions and welfare checks while the students adapted to the unexpected challenges of social distancing and online learning. Pranaya makes himself available to all resident's day or night for a chat, for reassurance and guidance and he leads by example by displaying exemplary conduct and adherence to the conduct expectations on campus. This form of leadership has proven effective in achieving positive outcomes and consistency and in enhancing his relationships with the residents.

Other activities include serving and delivery of free lunches, birthday cards and cakes; assembling and distributing student care packs; participating in and promoting all virtual events; ensuring resident sundries are in supply- tea, coffee, masks, sanitiser etc.

Pranaya's actions clearly indicate his passion for his fellow students.

Congratulations Pranaya Lohani