Benefits of program

In the context of the elite athlete, coach and performer Friendly University Program, flexible study options include:

Assessment-related needs

  • Ability to negotiate assessment deadlines based on sporting related travel commitments
  • Ability to sit exams externally under exam conditions, within the athlete’s environment (e.g. whilst travelling, in their hotel etc)
  • The minimum attendance at lectures, tutorials or practicals waived where student-athlete/ performer unavailable due to sporting commitments

Enrolment-related needs

  • Ability to tailor academic study load to integrate with sporting/ performing commitments, available for first year students as well
  • Ability to negotiate lecture, tutorial and practical timetables to accommodate sporting/performing commitments
  • Ability to extend minimum time to complete course due to periods of decreased study load
  • Ability to take several leaves of absence where required due to increased sporting/performance commitments (e.g. Olympic Games year)
  • Ability to complete cross institutional study options with interstate universities, and flexibility within this policy provided for student athletes/performers (e.g. first year student’s eligible, increase number of subjects able to be completed by cross-institutional study
  • Provision of summer study alternatives and/or ability to swap between distance education mode and on-campus mode, depending on sporting/performing commitments
  • Recognition of credit achieved at interstate universities.

Course-related needs

Access to distance education materials, and/or class notes for missed lectures, tutorials or practicals.