Disability support

The Disability and Learning Access Unit makes reasonable adjustments to study requirements for students with a disability, medical or mental health condition whether it is temporary or permanent. We can also organise adjustments for people who are caring for someone with a disability.

For detailed information about disability services at Federation University, check out the Student Handbook (pdf 3,265kb)

If you are a Federation University student and you:

  • have a disability, mental health or medical condition,
  • care for someone with a disability,
  • or have a temporary disability (for example, a broken arm).

Then contact us to find out how the Disability and Learning Access team can help you!

We works in collaboration with you to meet your needs. We can help you with:

  • Application and/or enrolment procedures.
  • Orientation to campus.
  • Access requirements.
  • Provision of adaptive study materials and equipment.
  • Direct learning support.
  • Alternative learning and assessment tasks.
  • Provision of information and support to other University staff.
  • Alternative arrangements for examinations.
  • Referral to community support services.
  • Disability discrimination and equal opportunityinformation.

What to know more? Check out our Student Handbook (pdf 3,265kb)

The Disability and Learning Access Unit is a free and confidential service. Your information will only be shared with your permission.

During your first meeting with us, you will discuss how your disability impacts on your life at University. We will work with you to determine reasonable adjustments and supports that are appropriate for your needs.

If you have documentation from your health professional (eg. doctor, psychologist, etc) about your condition, please bring it. If you don't have any documentation, come see us anyway and we can help you work what you might need.

From these discussions we will work with you to build a Learning Access Plan (LAP). Your Learning Access Plan is your document to use as you choose. You can use it to show your teachers the adjustments you require and which they should implement. We can also communicate your needs on your behalf, if you wish. You can add to, update, or cancel adjustments and supports at any time.

To find out more about what you can expect from our service, have a look at the Student Handbook (pdf 3,265kb).

The access routes marked on these maps do not contain any stairs, however the gradients of some paths may not be suitable for some users. Updates will occur periodically.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback regarding the accuracy of our mobility access maps. Your positive or negative experiences getting around our campuses are a great way for us to keep improving.

Our Disability Support Resource Kit (pdf 987kb) has been developed to provide clarity and support to partner providers when making reasonable adjustments for students with a disability undertaking a Federation University Australia program at their institution. In this kit you will find information and resources on:
  • What constitutes a disability
  • The Disability Standards for Education (2005)
  • Working with FedUni's Disability and Learning Access Unit (DLAU)
  • Using reasonable adjustments
  • Your Partner Agreement
  • Adjustments authorisation guidelines and check-list
  • Relevant forms

We aim to ensure that staff with disability have the opportunity to participate equitably in all aspects related to their employment.

To assist staff, their managers, and other relevant areas of the University to ensure reasonable adjustments are made, the Workplace Adjustments for Staff with Disability Procedure outlines a process to assist in the development and implementation of reasonable workplace adjustments. This applies to all staff and prospective staff in all situations related to their employment at Federation University (including field trips, conferences, events and functions).

The Equity and Diversity Office can provide advice and assistance in regard to this procedure.