Our chaplains

Rupert Bowd is a Catholic priest and chaplain at Federation University Ballarat.

He is a supporter of cultural diversity in the workplace and community, refers students to counselling, offers prayer support and refers to local churches when requested;

Encourages international students and researchers –attended the recent Australian History Association Conference at Federation,

Orientation and exam times are points of anxiety for many- available to listen then and in term weeks,

His interests are scripture, archaeology and history.

Kenny Koay came to Australia as an international student in the 90s. He was blessed by the kindness of others when he first arrived, and he has had a wonderful experience as an international student. He wants to give back to the student community by volunteering as a chaplain at Federation University.

Currently, he serves as a Senior Pastor in Casey Life International Church, just next to the Federation University Berwick Campus.

He has been involved in pastoral care for more than 15 years. He enjoys spending time with the students, getting to know them and their culture, and listening to their stories.

He holds a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) degree from the Melbourne School of Theology; and a Bachelor of Business Systems from Monash University.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, gardening, and badminton.

Bec is an Anglican church minister, working as chaplain at Federation’s Gippsland Campus. Having worked in pastoral care for a number of years, Bec enjoys getting to know new people and listening to their stories. She has lived overseas and knows how hard it can be adjusting to living in a different country and how much she valued the kindness of those she met. She is available to listen, offer prayer support and encourage people in their faith journeys.

Bec holds an MA in ministry from the Melbourne School of Theology and a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences from Latrobe Uni. She also currently works at St Mary’s Anglican Church in Morwell.

In her spare time, Bec enjoys bush walking, camping and gardening.