Equity and diversity

Respect. Now. Always.

We are committed to providing a respectful, safe and supportive learning and working environment.

Putting a stop to racism

We're committed to creating an environment which reflects and values its social and cultural diversity.

Ensuring equal opportunity

We're identifying and addressing areas of inequality or imbalance so all genders are treated with fairness and respect.

FedUni is committed to providing equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination and harassment for all members of the FedUni community, and to creating an environment which reflects and values the social and cultural diversity within FedUni community and the communities it serves.

Preventing and responding to discrimination, harassment and sexual assault

Discrimination, harassment, sexual assault

All students and staff have an important role to play in keeping FedUni a great place to learn and work. This means being aware of our own behaviours, and their potential impact on others.

The University will provide reasonable adjustments/flexible working arrangements to the learning and working environment to ensure all people have equal opportunity to access and participate in University activities.

Get help. Take action.

Contact Equity & Equal Opportunity for advice and assistance if you:

  • Have experienced or witnessed discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment;
  • You have experienced or witnessed sexual assault (for more info on getting support, seeing a doctor and reporting of sexual assault, please also visit our web page FedUni against violence);
  • You have a concern about an equity issue that is happening to you or someone else at FedUni;
  • You are seeking more information about any equity issue at FedUni.

Equity and Equal Opportunity Office contact details:
: (03) 5327 9357 or (03) 5327 8104

To find out how discrimination and harassment concerns are dealt with at FedUni please go to our Get help. Take Action. page.


To determine the type of the support which is best for you and/or your circumstances, please visit our Support page.

Equity and diversity initiatives and actions


The University will provide reasonable adjustments to the learning and working environment as required, and will use inclusive practices wherever practicable, to ensure that all people have equal opportunity to access and participate in University activities.

FedUni Schools Outreach

FedUni Schools Outreach works with students and parents from more than 80 outer-metropolitan, regional and remote schools across Western Victoria, Gippsland and Berwick. The aim is to raise awareness of the value of higher education and to work with students on having higher education as an achievable option in their future plans.

Visit the FedUni Schools Outreach website.

Gender equity

Gender equity initiatives at FedUni help to identify and address areas of inequality or imbalance within the learning and work environment.

Indigenous matters

Federation University Australia acknowledges the traditional owners of the land where its campuses and centres are located.

To see our Reconciliation Action Plan and to find out more information about our Aboriginal Education Centre, please visit our Indigenous matters website


Through celebrations of diversity and actions through our FedPride strategy, the University aims to create a safe, inclusive and equitable learning and working environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and Asexual (LGBTIQA+) members of our community.

Racism prevention

Social inclusion

Through our Social Inclusion Plan and Social Inclusion Committee, FedUni implements measures that reflect the principles of equity, diversity and social inclusion at the University.

Students and staff as carers

FedUni recognises that many of our students and staff have caring commitments (for children, parents, partners etc) as well as their study/work responsibilities.

There are a range of options that students and staff may wish to consider. Some of these are described in the pages below. Equity & Equal Opportunity can provide assistance.

Support for care leavers

We offer a range of support for care leavers (students who spent time growing up in out-of-home care; including foster care, residential care, kinship care and wards of the State). To find out more information visit our Support for care leavers website.

Contact our office

Equity and Diversity Office
: (03) 5327 6461 or (03) 5327 8104