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Emergency Contacts - If there is an emergency that requires an immediate response, always call 000.

Ballarat and Wimmera

Call us on phone: (03) 5327 9470 or email
* Please note that there may be delays in answering emails.
For more information visit

Counselling is located at:

  • Mt Helen Campus - Health Centre, Building T North
  • SMB Campus - Student Connect, Building D
  • Horsham Campus (Wimmera) - Student Support, via Admin reception, Building C

*Please note there is no counselling reception at SMB or Horsham (Wimmera) campuses.

Gippsland & Berwick

Call us on phone: (03) 5122 6425 or email
For more information visit

If you prefer you can drop in to:

  • Student Connect, Building 3N, Gippsland Campus only
  • Berwick ( by appointment only) phone: 03 5122 6425 to make an appointment.