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How does the election work?

If you are the only student to apply for a position, you will be automatically elected. If more than one student applies for the same position, then there will be an election.

In the election, the voters are the students of Federation University who lodge their votes online to decide the winner. This is why the application form asks you to submit a written or video statement and picture. Your statement and picture will accompany the ballot (the voting form) to help students decide how to vote - so it's a really important part of your application!

Sending in a video is a really powerful way to promote your candidacy, but a well-written and carefully proof-read statement can also be effective. In your statement, you should address why you would be a good representative, any relevant experience, and describe any areas you'd like to focus on. You can find more tips on your statement on the application form.

The University and the Senate will promote the election through their social media and with on campus posters. In the lead-up to and during the election, you are also very welcome to campaign actively and ask your fellow students to vote for you. This could involve asking your lecturer or tutor if you can speak briefly in class, putting up a stall or posters on campus, posting online (try the Student Senate page and Current Students), or anything else you can think of!

On the day the election opens, students will receive the voting form by email and be invited to vote using a secure online form. For most roles, the voting is limited to the students who will be represented. For example:

  • Only students of the School of Arts can vote for the School of Arts Student Board Representative.
  • Only students who study on Mt Helen campus can vote for the Mt Helen Campus Representative.

After the election, you will be told if you have won or lost and the tally of votes. The voting data is anonymous, you won't find out who has voted for you. The winners will then be announced to all staff and students.