Federation Advantage

Federation Advantage is a program that recognises students for all the extra activities you take part in during your studies. It acknowledges students who go above and beyond in your time at University, and provides you with the opportunity to build skills and capabilities essential for employment and longer term, community and career success.

In addition, students taking part in Federation Advantage will be eligible for the Federation Award.

You will find, through the program, almost all the co-curricular activities and opportunities available to you during your time at Federation University. The pathways available through Federation Advantage allow you to build important employability skills, give back to your university and community, and even help find part-time or casual work.

Available pathways

Below are all the pathways currently available through Federation Advantage. Each pathway is categorised under its relevant graduate attribute. Select the attributes below to see the pathways available.


Thinkers are curious, reflective and critical. They are able to analyse the world in a way that generates valued insights; they are change makers seeking and creating new solutions.

Opportunities for Thinkers are continuing to be developed. Contact us for further details.


Innovators have ideas and are able to realise their dreams. They think and act creatively to achieve and inspire positive change.

Opportunities for Innovators include:

Club executive member

The executive member is responsible for contributing to the functioning of a club and planning its events and continuation. It could include being a president, treasurer, secretary or any other relevant leadership position within a club structure.


Citizens engage in socially and culturally appropriate ways to advance individual, community and global well-being. They are socially and environmentally aware, acting ethically, equitably and compassionately.

Opportunities for Citizens include:


Volunteering includes any general volunteering work you are doing in your community or at the university. It is the act of donating your time in order to assist other people or businesses. If you are unsure if what you are doing (or wish to do) will count, please contact us.

Sports leader

A sports leader takes responsibility for organising, running or coaching a sports group at the university.

Residential advisor

A residential advisor plays an important role for students spending their time in the university residences. A residential advisor oversees a group of students or a specific residence, and assists the students where possible.


Communicators create, exchange, impart and convey information, ideas, and concepts effectively. They are respectful, inclusive and empathetic towards their audience, and express thoughts, feelings and information in ways that help others to understand.

Opportunities for Communicators include:

Student ambassadors

Student ambassadors work to promote the university and introduce people to specific aspects of the university. This might include helping out at open day, travelling to build university awareness and more.

FedPress editing team

FedPress is a student-run publication that showcases student art, poetry, stories and journalism. The editing team runs the magazine, accepting and assembling stories, editing submissions and compiling them for publication.

School board representative

School board representatives hold a place on the school boards and act as representatives of the student body. They seek out student opinions on matters relevant to the school, and provide this insight and feedback to the academic staff, potentially steering and even changing decisions made by the school and the effect it has on the student body.

Student onsite support officer

Students are responsible for providing IT support to students at the university. They provide friendly, approachable peer support for common IT issues.

ITS student support queue staff

These students provide phone support to students with IT questions or issues. It is a busy and important role that provides continuous support.

Library rovers

Library rovers shelve books and assist Library staff in their duties. Importantly, though, rovers offer support to students in the library, and respond to questions that students have.


Leaders display and promote positive behaviours, and aspire to make a difference. They act with integrity, are receptive to alternatives and foster sustainable and resilient practices.

Opportunities for Leaders include:

Student Senate representative

The Student Senate is a body of student leaders at the university that works to implement initiatives and affect change to improve the student experience. Each senate member has a group of students that they represent.


A mentor guides a group of commencing students through their entry into the university. They help students through orientation and their first six weeks, helping to make what can be a confusing and scary transition period a little easier.

PASS leader

PASS leaders run study sessions for students in particular courses. They are peer-led sessions that help students understand complex content.

Student academic leader

These students staff the ASK Service in the Library. They are there to respond to student enquiries from any students facing uncertainty, and – if they cannot answer it directly – refer the students to the appropriate service.

Access Federation Advantage pathways

To access Federation Advantage please log on to Edge and get started!

Progressing through pathways

Pathways in the Federation Advantage progress through three stages. You must complete all three stages in order to complete the pathway.

Bronze: Knowing

The bronze or ‘knowing’ stage is about learning how to perform this role. It will usually require you to attend training sessions or workshops in order to feel confident and competent for your position.

Silver: Experiencing

The silver or ‘experiencing’ stage is about actual time in the role. This will require you to record hours completed in the role, and having it signed off by your coordinator.

Gold: Contributing

In the gold or ‘contributing’ stage, you go above and beyond in your role in order to give back to it. You will come up with a project that you feel will either improve the position (including people that might take a similar position in the future) or the body of students that the position focuses on. You will need to upload a project plan, execute the project, and then reflect on how it went. Once complete, you will have ‘completed’ the pathway and be eligible for your gold badge in the attribute the pathway relates to (for example, a gold badge in Leadership).

The Federation Award

This is the highest achievement a student can acquire through the Federation Advantage. It is awarded to students who achieved Gold in pathways from three different attributes.