Reasonable adjustments

A reasonable adjustment is an action or measure the University takes to assist a person to participate in their studies as far as possible on the same basis as others.

Without reasonable adjustments, discrimination may occur; this is why we work with individuals to ensure these adjustments fit their needs.

Federation University can provide reasonable adjustments to students based on their protected attributes, for example

  • Students with disabilities may require adjustments and flexibility so that barriers to their participation are removed, e.g. assistive technology, equipment, or changed work practices.
  • Students with responsibilities as carers may need some study flexibility to accommodate for their caring responsibilities.
  • Students may need flexibility to accommodate religious or cultural obligations, for example time away for an important ceremony.

It is hard to say what is reasonable or appropriate in every case, but we aim to, and are often obliged by law, to do our best to make sure students do not have unfair barriers through an unfair lack of flexibility.

Help is available to explore how to provide flexibility whilst studying, what might be possible, and what is reasonable. Students are encouraged to contact Student Equity and Inclusion to discuss their needs.

Students with a disability, medical or mental health condition, or caring for someone with a disability are invited to contact the Disability and Learning Access Unit to discuss reasonable adjustments and potential for a Learning Access Plan.