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FRRC receives new grant to help protect Australia’s arid woodlands

Published: 09/08/2021

FRRC researchers have recently been awarded a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust to continue their conservation work on arid woodlands in far western New South Wales.

Emeritus Professor Martin Westbrooke and Professor Singarayer Florentine have been working on conservation measures to protect the woodlands that have come under threat from livestock, feral grazers and native animals.

The work will be conducted at Federation University’s Nanya Station property.

Read the full story in Federation University’s Newsroom.

Listen to FRRC researchers on Ockham's Razor podcast

Published: 08/08/2021

ABC Radio National recorded its science podcast, Ockham’s Razor, live at Federation University’s Gippsland campus on 19 May.

Go to the Ockham’s Razor webpage at ABC Radio National to listen to FRRC researchers talk about their work:

FRRC researchers to appear on ABC science podcast, Ockham’s Razor

Published: 19/05/2021

Some of FRRC’s research areas will be showcased to a national audience tonight, with ABC Radio National recording its science podcast, Ockham’s Razor, live at Federation’s Gippsland campus at 5.30 – 8.00pm to coincide with the Centre’s launch earlier in the day.

Hosted by the ABC’s Natasha Mitchell, the podcast will be recorded in front of a live audience and will include talks from a hand-picked roster of speakers including the following FRRC members and topics:

  • Professor Thomas Baumgartl: The complex challenges of mine closure and rehabilitation.
  • Associate Professor Wendy Wright: Resilience, strengthening local communities, and the friction points where humans brush up against animal environment.
  • Associate Professor Vince Verheyen: Hydrogen energy supply chain and how the community perceives its use.
  • Dr Jessica Reeves: The multiple ways of knowing place – humans as part of nature.

FRRC involved in two new projects with Soil CRC

Published: 17/05/2021

FRRC members  are participating in two successful projects with the Soil CRC.

The projects are:

More information about the Soil CRC is available on their website.