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Appointments are available in person and via phone or Skype, depending on your location and availability. Appointments in person are preferable but are not always possible.

Gippsland & Berwick

Phone: (03) 5122 6425
Physical location: 
Gippsland Campus, Student Connect Building 3N 102.
Berwick Campus, Student Connect, Level 1, Building 903.

Ballarat & Wimmera

Phone: (03) 5327 9470
Physical location: 
Mt Helen Campus, Health & Wellbeing Centre, Building T North (opposite Student HQ).  
SMB Campus, Student HQ, Building D.

Hours of operation: 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday.  Email:

Please note: there may be delays answering emails; Wimmera, Gippsland & Berwick appointments are by phone or Skype; appointments for SMB & Camp Street students can be made at SMB Campus by calling 5327 9470

Students studying at Partner Providers

Students studying at partner provider campuses should contact student supports on their campus for financial assistance.