Supervision awards

Award for Excellence in Graduate Research Supervision

Facilitated by the Graduate Research School of Federation University Australia, the award for Excellence in Graduate Research Supervision recognises and rewards one supervisor or supervisory team, per year for their outstanding and supportive engagement of supervisory practices that have led to the development of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students’ outcomes over a sustained period of time. A prize of $2000 is associated with the award each year.

Note: this webpage outlines the key information required to successfully complete an application for this award. For further and more detailed information, please use the resources provided at the end of this page.


An individual applicant, or team application by multiple supervisors, must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be registered on the Federation University Australia Supervisor Register
  • Have supervised at least three HDRs to completion
  • Have not received this award in the past four years (conditions apply); and
  • Be nominated by at least two people. These can be either their HDR candidates and/or their School ADR, HDR Coordinator, or other registered HDR Supervisor.

It is strongly recommended that applicants download the key information document (pdf, 763kb) provided at the bottom of this page for detailed descriptions.

Application details

A strong application for this award describes and provides evidence of ways in which the individual or team has provided high-quality supervision to at least three HDRs over a sustained period of time. Applications are expected to address the following criteria specifically:

  • High-quality and innovative research supervision practice
  • Impact and outcomes of research supervision
  • Positive post-graduation candidate outcomes; and
  • Leadership and mentoring in research supervision.

Supporting documentation is also required in the form of:

  • A relevant curriculum vitae
  • Supervision record tables; and
  • Supporting statements from current or previous candidates, colleagues, or, evidence of particular initiatives or candidate’s achievements.

It is strongly recommended that applicants download the key information (pdf, 763kb) and key indicators (pdf, 750kb) documents provided at the bottom of this page for detailed descriptions and guidance.


Assessment of the Federation University Australia award aligns with the Australian Council for Graduate Research (ACGR) guidelines for Awards for Excellence in Graduate Research Supervision. Each application will be assessed according to descriptions and evidence of:

  • Demonstrated engagement in high-quality and innovative research supervision practices
  • Sustained research impact and outcomes
  • Student-focused outcomes; and
  • Demonstrated leadership and mentorship.

Each application will be assessed and conferred by a judging panel consisting of:

  • Dean, Graduate Studies, or nominee
  • Associate Dean, Research Training, or nominee
  • One Associate Dean Research,
  • A registered HDR supervisor who is not also an applicant, and
  • A Higher Degree by Research student whose supervisor is not an applicant

Key dates (yearly)

Nominations open: Monday 4 May 2020

Nominations close: Friday 26 June 2020

Assessment conducted: Between Monday 6 - Friday 17 July 2020

Winners notified: Monday 20 July 2020

Results announced: Monday 27 July 2020

Key documentation

Key Information Document (pdf, 763kb)

This document is a printable and more detailed description of the information provided on this webpage

Application Form (pdf, 779kb)

This document is the required Graduate Research School template by which all applications need to be completed and submitted.

Indicative Key Indicators for strong applications (pdf, 750kb)

This document provides an indicative list of best-practice indicators for each of the four criteria. This list has been developed from a range of strategic sources and applicants are strongly recommended to consult in developing a strong application.

Supplementary resources

In addition to the key documents required to complete an eligible application for this award provided above, it is recommended that applicants also consider the following resources as relevant to guiding and providing evidence of claims made within the application.

Contact us

Questions regarding applications should be directed to the Associate Dean, Research Training, Graduate Research School:

Associate Professor Wendy Wright


P: +61 3 5122 6854