Securing Australia’s Cybersecurity Landscape

This research stream predicts and detects security breaches and responds to and recovers from incidents via security capabilities informed by threat intelligence.

The stream aims to develop edge computing that enables lightweight Internet of Things (IoT) devices to connect to the network in a way that is simple, secure and cost-effective.

It will build on the relationship that Federation University’s Internet Commerce Security Laboratory has established with Westpac, Defence Science Institute, CSIRO and Oceania Cyber Security Centre to develop balanced and protective methods required to enable safe, secured and uninterrupted operations of Australian businesses while keeping within established risk tolerances.

Research stream leader

Associate Professor Paul Pang



Dr Leigh Achterbosch

Online behaviour analysis, cybersecurity

Professor Adil Baghirov

Optimisation methods in machine learning, cybersecurity

Dr Venki Balasubramanian

IoT and smart devices security

Dr Paul Black

Cybersecurity, machine learning

Dr Tanveer Choudhury

Machine learning, cybersecurity

Dr Sally Firmin

Machine learning

Dr Cameron Foale

Reinforcement learning, cybersecurity

Dr Muhammad Imran

Mobile and wireless networks, Internet of Things, big data analytics, cyber security cloud/edge computing

Professor Joarder Kamruzzaman

Intrusion detection, Internet of Things (IoT) security, false data detection, smart grid security

Associate Professor Gour Karmakar

Machine learning, cybersecurity, smart grid security

Dr Liangfu Lyu

Machine learning, malware analysis, big data privacy and cybersecurity, security visualization

Dr Evita March

Internet trolling, cyber stalking, antisocial behaviour online

Dr Giles Oatley

Tracklog data analysis, cognitive appraisal, cybersecurity

Dr Taiwo Oseni

Threat intelligence modelling

Associate Professor Paul Pang

Applied cybersecurity, blockchain, threat intelligence modelling

Dr Rakib Shah (Associate)

Smart grid security

Associate Professor Andrew Stranieri

Machine learning, cybersecurity, smart devices security

Associate Professor Peter Vamplew

Multiobjective reinforcement learning, explainable AI, cybersecurity

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