Prof Adil Bagirov

Name Prof Adil Baghirov Adil Bagirov
Position Title Professor
Campus Mt Helen
Room T221
Phone +613 53276306

Research interests

  • Optimisation
  • Non-smooth analysis
  • Non-smooth optimisation
  • Global optimisation
  • Operations research
  • Data mining
  • Optimisation methods in Machine Learning
  • Optimisation of water distribution systems
  • Computational intelligence

Short biography

Received a master degree in Applied Mathematics from Baku State University, Azerbaijan in 1983, and the Candidate of Sciences degree in Mathematical Cybernetics from the Institute of Cybernetics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in 1989 and PhD degree in Optimisation from Federation University Australia (formerly the University of Ballarat), Ballarat, Australia in 2002. Worked at the Space Research Institute (Baku, Azerbaijan), Baku State University (Baku, Azerbaijan), Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Moscow, Russia). Dr. Bagirov is with Federation University Australia (Ballarat, Australia) since 1999. Currently holds the full Professor position at this university. He has won five Australian Research Council Discovery and Linkage grants to conduct research in nonsmooth and global optimization and their applications. He was awarded Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow and Australian Research Council Research Fellow. He is EUROPT Fellow 2009. His main research interests are in the area of nonsmooth and global optimisation and their applications in data mining, regression analysis and water management. Dr. Bagirov has published two books on nonsmooth optimization and its applications, one edited book and more than 160 journal papers, book chapters and papers in conference proceedings.


  • MSc Baku, Azerbaijan
  • PhD Ballarat, Australia

Teaching areas

  • Numerical optimisation
  • Linear algebra
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Graphs, digraphs and networks

Extended research profile