A/Prof Peter Vamplew

Position Associate Professor Peter Vamplew
OfficeT134 (Mt Helen)
Phone +61 3 5327 9616


  • B.A., B. Sc. (Hons) – Flinders
  • PhD – University of Tasmania
  • Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Education and Training, Victoria University


Peter Vamplew is an Associate Professor of Information Technology at Federation University (Ballarat), and co-founder/co-leader of ARAAC. Previously he has been Associate Dean (Research) for Science and Technology at Federation University. Since about 2008 he has played a leading role in establishing multi-objective reinforcement learning (MORL) as a sub-field of reinforcement learning, explicitly designed for problems with multiple conflicting objectives (which describes most real-world problems). More recently he has been studying the role which MORL can play in creating human-aligned artificial intelligence. His contributions in this area are reflected by his appointment as a senior member of the Future of Life Institute’s Existential AI safety Research Community. He has been an associate editor for Neurocomputing journal, and guest editor of special issues of Neurocomputing and JAAMAS on MORL and multi-objective decision-making, and an invited speaker at the Adaptive Learning Agents workshop and the Workshop on Human-aligned Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Agents and Robots. He is also an experienced supervisor of Masters and PhD research students.

Teaching areas

My teaching duties focus on the area of computer games design and development, programming, artificial intelligence and research skills.

I also coordinate the IT Professional Experience courses which require students to engage with the IT industry.

Extended research profile