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The Centre for Smart Analytics (CSA) seeks to create new knowledge and innovative solutions to develop smart and resilient cities, regions and industries.

Research streams

CSA’s research is organised into five research streams:

Sustainable Smart Cities and Regions

This stream identifies and prioritises ‘smart’ services that will benefit cities or regions and optimises the computing infrastructure design to deliver them, while advancing national AI capabilities.

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Securing Australia’s Cybersecurity Landscape

This stream predicts and detects security breaches and responds to and recovers from incidents via security capabilities informed by threat intelligence.

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Computational and Intelligent Mathematics

This stream applies optimisation methods and approaches to model and solve real-world problems in machine learning, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and finance.

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Knowledge-Based Smart Business

This stream focuses on supporting businesses to improve their knowledge competencies and capabilities through applied workplace learning and research.

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Resilient Education Systems

This stream seeks to equip students for meeting future challenges in a changing world by examining teaching approaches and practices and inventing new technologies for smart learning experiences.

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