Resilient Education Systems

This research stream seeks to equip students for meeting future challenges in a changing world by exploring and understanding the underlying pedagogical practices.

It aims to understand the impact of the digital divide in regions and the gender gap that exists in STEM education and to explore measures to reduce these phenomena. Its analysis of the digital divide explores the impact on providing educational services in challenging situations such as the COVID pandemic.

By drawing on the recent advances in EduTech and AI, it explores ways to improve real-time digital interaction among students, teachers and staff for rich and smart learning experiences. Integrating technology and humans, the research will accelerate UN sustainable development goals.

Research stream leader

Associate Professor Robyn Brandenburg



Dr Leigh Achterbosch

Education, virtual worlds, online behaviour

Dr Venki Balasubramanian

AI tools for enhanced online learning

Associate Professor Robyn Brandenburg (Leader)

Learning & teaching (L&T) mathematics, visual representations of L&T

Dr Mehmood Chadhar

Computer education, organisational learning

Associate Professor Sisira Colombage

Finance education, business simulation game

Dr Sally Firmin

Use of technology in active learning

Dr Cameron Foale

Games for learning, simulation for training

Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter

Gender and education, teaching for inclusion, pre-service teacher education, curriculum design and implementation

Dr Clarence Green

Curriculum design, language development, psycholinguistics, educational linguistics

Dr Sasha Ivkovic

Project-based learning, computer education

Associate Professor Gour Karmakar

Computer education, simulation modelling

Professor Joarder Kamruzzaman

Computer education, AI tools for enhanced online learning

Dr Kathleen Keogh

Computer education, collaborative software agent, simulation

Dr Grant Meredith

Augmented reality for education

Professor Manzur Murshed

Computer education, simulation modelling

Dr Naomi Smith

Science and technology studies

Associate Professor Andrew Stranieri

EduTech, AI tools for enhanced online learning

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