Research streams

Personalised / Individual Health

In this precision research stream, there is an emphasis on understanding the epigenetic factors that contribute to chronic disease and ageing. Combined heart disease and anxiety/stress conditions have the largest burden of disease in Australia, especially in regional and rural areas. The main goal in this research stream is to develop new therapeutic and preventative solutions for both these diseases areas for the betterment of healthcare. We will achieve this through a multi-disciplinary approach using basic and applied research to better understand why these disease areas are both risk factors for each other and the best ways to treat and prevent them.

This research stream is led by Professor Fadi Charchar.


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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This research stream will bring together leading researchers and practitioners from the field of computational intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics. We will apply the latest advances to real world problems in biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, mental/digital health and well-being, and related fields. Computational intelligence approaches include artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary algorithms, hybrid algorithms and other emerging techniques. With a focus on cardiovascular diseases and mental health problems, topics of research include (but are not limited to) modelling, simulation, and optimisation of biological and biopsychosocial systems, systems and synthetic biology, medical imaging and pattern recognition, gene expression analysis and structure prediction.

This research stream is led by Associate Professor Madhu Chetty.


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Digital Health and Models of Care

In this research stream, we create and evaluate digital health products and mine biopsychosocial data to create personalised health interventions, as well as tools to train up healthcare professionals. Our research spans the illness-wellness continuum, often disseminated at a population level, with an eye towards innovating new models of healthcare. Our research will also assist to better understand how epigenetics, the ANS, immune system, individual behaviour and cognition can treat and prevent chronic health conditions. Our ultimate goal is to produce accurate disease progression models and the identification of what interventions works best for whom and when.

This research stream is led by Professor Britt Klein.


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Workforce Development

The focus of this research stream is on the creation and application of innovative, evidence-based education, training and support interventions and programs (face-to-face, digital and blended) that better enable, retain and sustain emerging and current health and aged care workforces to lead and deliver safe, high quality services to communities and populations across the lifespan. A particular emphasis is directed toward innovative interventions and programs addressing the development of health and aged care workforces in regional, rural and remote settings.

This research stream is led by Professor Danny Hills.


Patient Safety and Care Quality

This theme of work focusses upon the exploratory and interventional research that enables the development of clinical practice, patient and workforce safety. Approaches will include data mining relating to, amongst others, international patient deterioration and falls rates. Development of digital health education interventions and workforce development through blended learning – online and face to face interventions. Further, clinical impact studies designed to measure educational and clinical practice improvements and regional and international evaluation studies that enhance outcomes within communities.

This research stream is led by Professor Simon Cooper.


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Population Health

A key aim of the Centre is to improve the health and wellbeing of regional and rural populations. Population health refers to the health outcomes of a group of people and how these outcomes vary within the group. Our interest is in health outcomes in groups across the lifespan and from diverse backgrounds. This stream will draw on the expertise of a range of disciplines and methodologies to answer the important global health question 'How do we optimise health outcomes for regional and rural populations?'.

This research stream is led by Professor Colette Browning.


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