CERC PhD Candidates

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CandidatePrincipal SupervisorTopic
Haris AhmadAssociate Professor Blake PeckThe Immunogenic and Cognitive Impact of the Use of Probiotic Among Children in Australian Childcare Centres: A Double-Blind Randomised Controlled Trial
Jessy BennyProfessor Joanne PorterExploring the Experiences of International Nursing Students during mental health Clinical Placements in Australia: A Mixed Methods Study
Jamie BorgProfessor Carolyn UnsworthInvestigating wheeled mobility device stability on public buses using a semi-active containment system
Natalie BransgroveProfessor Joanne PorterNatalie Bransgrove is one of five PhD students as part of the Deliver project.  Natalie’s project aim is to improve healthcare at home for older people living in regional and rural areas using a mixed method approach.
Trudy BrownProfessor Michael OlasojiTrudy is looking at the current barriers to achieving optimum sexual and reproductive health in those with serious mental illness and ways to overcome these.
Nicole CoombsProfessor Joanne PorterNicole's PhD is investigating public health messages provided by emergency nurses during disasters in Australia
Pritimoy DasProfessor Aziz RahmanPritimoy's PhD is investigating non-communicable diseases among migrants in Australia
Kerry de VentProfessor Joanne PorterExploration of VAED data to assess home-based care for people aged 65 and over.
Natalie Dickson - M Health(Rsch)
(Completed  December 2023)
Professor Carolyn UnsworthAssessment of Powered Mobility Device use among Older Australian in Residential Aged Care Facilities
Steven FouldsDr Dom McNeilElite athlete perceptions of effective strength and conditioning coach-athlete relationships
Marufa HasinProfessor Aziz RahmanMarufa's PhD is investigating gestational diabetes mellitus among migrant women in Australia
Susan HuaProfessor Michael OlasojiIntegration of the dynamic appraisal of situational aggression (DASA) and the aggression prevention protocol (APP) into Emergency Department
Ting Ting HuiProfessor Michael OlasojiImproving the physical health of young people with early psychosis: a feasibility study of a co-designed lifestyle intervention in Australia
Sahaya JestoProfessor Michael OlasojiEvaluating knowledge, attitudes, and perceived experiences of nurses in assessing and managing behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia pre- and post-educational intervention in a psycho-geriatric unit: A mixed methods interventional study in Australia
Shariq Ali KhanProfessor Aziz RahmanOral health among the children attending Islamic boarding Schools in Pakistan.
Paul KemelProfessor Joanne PorterPaul's PhD is looking into the impact that sport participation has on recovery following environmental trauma.
Samira KerbageProfessor Georgina WillettsPain management of the sedated and ventilated patients in the intensive care setting: An exploratory study
Shingai MareyaProfessor Michael OlasojiThe effectiveness of the Stepped Care Model in delivery of mental health services in Australian primary health care.
Beverley MartinAssociate Professor Blake PeckThe impact of yoga on student engagement. The study seeks to understand the role of yoga has on key factors linked to student success and academic performance.
Elizabeth Miller
(Completed Nov 2023)
Professor Joanne PorterElizabeth's PhD is investigating environmental factors within the acute hospital setting - the natural, built, social (behaviour and language), and symbolic environments where people may receive bad news about their life-limiting illness.
James NaismithProfessor Georgina WillettsJames Naismith's PhD Dissertation is titled Investigating the efficacy of replacing undergraduate nursing clinical placement hours in Australia with simulation hours
Marina NecoskiProfessor Georgina WillettsPatient  physical assessments by newly graduated registered nurses and early patient deterioration
Naima NimmiProfessor Aziz RahmanNaima's PhD is investigating gestational diabetes amongst migrant women in Australia
Danielle NobleProfessor Georgina WillettsRegistered Nurses perceptions of new graduates nurses being workplace ready.
Lucy OsbornProfessor Georgina WillettsLucy's PhD is exploring Clinical Competence Assessment in Nursing in Australia. This study seeks to enhance the way competence assessment is completed, ensuring safe practice.
Marianne OtaProfessor Georgina WillettsMarianne is exploring the experiences of nurse leaders in promoting and maintaining civility in Australian rural and regional health and aged care settings.
Parul ParulProfessor Aziz RahmanParul's PhD is investigating substance use disorders and psychological intervention
Rebecca PeelProfessor Karen MissenA mixed methods exploration of women’s experience in the emergency department
Victoria PetriniProfessor Michael OlasojiAn investigation into the issue of staff recruitment and staff retention in Mental Health Wards across Scotland, UK and Victoria, Australia.
Masudus SaleehinProfessor Aziz RahmanMasudus' PhD is investigating smoking cessation among the migrant general practitioners in Victoria,
Hayley ScottProfessor Carolyn UnsworthHayley is completing her PhD on developing and testing a driving clinical decision pathway to assist non-driver trained occupational therapists to guide return to driving practices for adults following a change in health status
Bekithemba SibandaProfessor Georgina WillettsBekthemba's PhD Dissertation: is titled The Role of Spirituality, Religion and culture on the Mental Health of African Australians: A Phenomenological Study
Megan SimicProfessor Joanne PorterMeg is undertaking a PhD exploring the lived experience of emergency department nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Darren ThomasDr Meghan CaseyExploring the Development, Implementation and Effectiveness of Secondary School Sports Academies
Christine TrotmanProfessor Georgina WillettsSafe at work:  The prevention and minimisation of workplace aggression at rural and regional hospitals
Bonnie WattProfessor Carolyn UnsworthBonnie's PhD is the Better Transport Inclusivity for all Passengers (Better Trip) Project, improving bus drivers' attitudes, behaviour and communication methods with passengers with disability.
Jacqueline WheatcroftProfessor Carolyn UnsworthJacqui's PhD aims to both explore and enhance the clinical reasoning of occupational therapists when planning cognitive rehabilitation for adults with acquired brain injury.