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Research Training Program (RTP) scholarships

Application dates

The 2022 round of RTP Stipend Scholarship Applications opens on 1 September 2021 and closes on 31 October 2021. Scholarship outcomes will be announced in the first week of December 2021, for commencement in 2022.

Please note that scholarship applications and candidature applications are assessed at the same time, however candidature-only offers are made after scholarships have been allocated. See 'Selection Timeline' below.

Federation University Australia offers Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarships annually to eligible applicants - both current and prospective Higher Degree by Research candidates, who are either:

  • Australian citizens
  • Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders
  • Australian permanent residents
  • New Zealand citizens

Note: Federation University is currently unable to offer Research Training Program stipend scholarships to international applicants, however, there are other stipend scholarship opportunities available to international applicants. Please check our co-funded scholarships web page, and the Information for international applicants

RTP scholarships, administered by Federation University on behalf of the Australian government, provide an annual living allowance of $28,597 p.a. (2021 rate)*. *This stipend is indexed annually and is a tax-free scholarship. The stipend is paid on a fortnightly basis, commencing in the 2022 academic year.

The tenure of these awards is for a period of two years for a Master by Research and three years for doctoral candidature. Extensions to the award are not available. Tenure of the award is reduced by any prior studies already completed by candidates in their HDR program prior to receiving an RTP scholarship. Please read the full Terms and conditions before applying.

Further information regarding eligibility and selection for scholarships is available on the Eligibility and selection for RTP Stipend Scholarships website.

Apply for a 2022 RTP stipend scholarship

Prospective candidates

Prospective candidates should indicate on the 'Application for Admission Form' that they are applying for a RTP Stipend scholarship. This form is available on the Federation University HDR Apply page.   All applicants should check their eligibility prior to applying. Successful RTP awardees must enrol to study in Semester 1, 2022. Applicants who defer study to Semester 2, 2022 will be required to reapply for their scholarship.

Applications should include all relevant supporting documentation and the University must receive completed referee report forms by the scholarship closing date, 31 October 2021. As part of their application, prospective Higher Degree by Research applicants are also required to provide:

  • 250 word title and summary of intended project
  • Transcripts of all tertiary level academic study
  • Australian citizens must provide a copy of their birth certificate or passport
  • Permanent Residents must provide a copy of their visa and passport
  • List of published work with URL links and/or copy of each publication
  • Copies of contractual agreement with outside sponsor or institution (if applicable)
  • Copy of honours or masters thesis abstract - If an applicant is completing honours, masters or another award in 2021, written notification of results must be made available by no later than Tuesday 9 November 2021*
  • Evidence for Australian honours equivalency, if applicable
  • Any awards or accolades
  • Any other evidence of research performance**

Current candidates

Current Higher Degree by Research Federation University candidates should provide the following:

  • Current Candidate Scholarship Application Form
  • A copy of their updated research proposal
  • Any publications produced or evidence of research performance**
  • Any awards or accolades
  • Any other relevant information - please provide any updated or new testamurs, transcripts etc.

**Evidence to support research performance can be provided via documented publications, exhibitions, and conference presentations which comply with DEST definitions of research outputs. Additional evidence can include awards and other means of recognition by appropriate external parties of research involvement, contribution and achievement.


In the selection of applicants for allocation of RTP stipend scholarships across the Schools, the Graduate Research School strives to achieve a balance of gender, discipline and strategic considerations whilst ensuring that the criterion of academic merit of applicants is also addressed. The Research by Higher Degree Committee (RHDC) will ensure that it operates in accord with the University's Fair and Transparent Decision-Making Guidelines.

Stipend scholarships are normally awarded to candidates seeking enrolment in doctoral degree programs. In some circumstances applicants seeking entry to Master by Research candidature may be awarded a stipend scholarship. The number of stipend scholarships awarded to masters applicants will be determined on an annual basis by the RHDC.

Selection timeline

  1. All RTP stipend scholarship applications will be assessed for eligibility for admission to candidature by the Graduate Research School from 1 November.
  2. If eligible for admission to candidature, applications will be ranked for stipend scholarships by the relevant School.
  3. Successful stipend scholarship applicants will be notified in writing during December.
  4. Applicants who are ineligible for candidature because they do not meet eligibility for admission for candidature requirements will be notified at the earliest opportunity.
  5. Applicants who are eligible for candidature but were unsuccessful in obtaining a stipend scholarship will be notified and asked if they wish to be considered for a PhD or Master by Research candidature supported by a RTP fee offset scholarship only.
  6. Offers of admission for applicants applying for candidature supported by an RTP fee-offset scholarship only, will be issued for those applicants who are approved by the School. These offers will be issued in late December or in January 2022.

*Application dates and details may change.

For further information on candidature, scholarships or any other matter relating to higher degrees by research, contact:

Graduate Research School
Federation University Australia
Phone: 03 5327 9508