Funding forms

External research funding grant forms

Updated November 2022

The Research Funding forms were updated in October 2021 to align with sector updates and requirements including ANZSRC 2020 codes and the Foreign Arrangements Scheme.

Researchers must download forms from the Research Funding web page each time they are required, to ensure the current version is used.

Step 1: Funding Expression of Interest (FEOI)

Version 8.3 November 2022 updates:

  • Clarification on wording 'Date proposal submitted to funder'

This form is to be used for external research funding applications such as grants, tenders, contracts, etc; whether or not Federation Uni is the lead organisation (excluding Federation Uni lead ARC/NHMRC see below).

The FEOI is a starting point to notify your Centre Director or nominee of your intention to progress with a research funding application.  It is to be signed by your Centre Director or nominee and submitted to the Research Funding Team as early as possible (min. 15 business days) to ensure that your funding application is registered and support can be organised. Once signed, please forward to for DVCRI approval prior to investing significant time in developing the full proposal.

Do not send this form directly to the DVCRI (unless this is a direct report) as it will be returned to you without approval.

Download Funding Expression of Interest (FEOI) v8.3 (Word 181 KB)

Step 2: Budget costing pro formas

The Budget costing pro forma for research grants, contracts and consultancy is available on the Research finance page.

Compulsory for all research funding applications and contracts.

Step 3: Funding Submission Coversheet (FSC)

Version 6.2 November 2022 updates:

  • Minor tweaks

The FSC and the submission-ready application are due 5 working days (unless otherwise advised by Research Services) prior to the funding body submission date (external deadline). Applications cannot be submitted without the approval of the DVCRI.

Applications will be approved by the DVCRI proceeding budget and compliance sign off (10 working days before external deadline).

This form provides Centre approval of a submission-ready funding application, as well as essential reporting information

It is to be signed by your Centre Director or nominee before submission. Once signed, please forward to for DVCRI approval to submit the proposal to the funding body.

Do not send this form directly to the DVCRI (unless this is a direct report) as it will be returned to you without approval.

Download Funding Submission Coversheet (FSC) v6.2 (Word Doc  172 KB)

Step 4: Funding Establishment Form (FEF)

Version 7.0 April 2022 update:

  • Signatory section updated to reflect new structure.

Once the application for funding has been successful and you have reviewed the contract/agreement, this form must be completed, signed by your Centre Director or nominee and submitted to for processing.

A research project code cannot be established without receipt of this form, full execution of funding agreements or other documents as required.

An updated Budget Costing Pro Forma may also need to be submitted prior to the account being established.

Once this form and supporting documentation is received, Research Services will:

  • Facilitate the Contract/Agreement execution through Legal Services
  • Negotiate the completion of a Multi-Institution Agreement or Collaboration Agreement if applicable
  • Request the creation of a Finance Project Code.
  • Refer any scholarship/s through to the Graduate Research School for establishment.
  • Update internal systems, including setting reporting and financial milestone prompts.

Download Funding Establishment Form (FEF) v7.0 (Word, 173 KB)

ARC and NHMRC support documents and forms

Updated September 2022

The first step to applying for FedUni administered ARC or NHMRC funding is to complete the ARC and NHMRC Grant EOI form.

Grant-EOI ARC NHMRC form v6.1 (Word doc, 175 KB)

Version 6.1 September 2022 updates:

  • 1 year expiry clause added
  • minor tweaks

For externally administered ARC and NHMRC grant applications, please submit the standard Funding Expression of Interest (FEOI).

For FedUni and externally administered ARC LIEF proposals, please submit the LIEF Notice of Intent (NoI) form.

Current ARC Certification Forms are available on the Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants and other relevant docs page.

Please submit the appropriate form to by the advertised due date.

ARC and NHMRC certification forms

You can find ARC and NHMRC Certification forms, along with further ARC and NHMRC support documents for the currently advertised rounds on our ARC & NHMRC funding application dates page under Guidelines, instructions and applicants and other relevant docs.