The Centre brings together local, national and international researchers to answer complex global health care questions across the lifespan, and translate basic and applied research in order to understand the distinct mechanisms of disease and individual responses to treatment.


The Centre’s vision is to bring together local, national and international researchers to answer complex health care questions.

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HITC brings dynamic researchers from different disciplines and career stages, together with national and international collaborators.

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To contact the Centre and Research Stream Directors, please visit the Team page.

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Research streams

The Centre focuses on six research streams aiming to improve health and wellbeing, locally, nationally, and with global potential.

Personalised / Individual Health

In this precision research stream, there is an emphasis on understanding the epigenetic factors that contribute to chronic disease and ageing.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

This research stream will bring together leading researchers and practitioners from the field of computational intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics.

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Digital Health and Models of Care

In this research stream, we create and evaluate digital health products and mine biopsychosocial data to create personalised health interventions, as well as tools to train up healthcare professionals.

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Workforce Development

The focus of this research stream is on the creation and application of innovative, evidence-based education, training and support interventions and programs.

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Patient Safety and Care Quality

This theme of work focusses upon the exploratory and interventional research that enables the development of clinical practice, patient and workforce safety.

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Population Health

A key aim of the Centre is to improve the health and wellbeing of regional and rural populations.

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