Preparing for the new energy of tomorrow, today

Established in 2022, the Centre for New Energy Transition Research (CfNETR) responds to the pressing need for research, training and skills development in new energy.

This need is particularly urgent in regional Australia, where legacy modes of power generation are being joined by multimodal and widely distributed forms of new energy generation, transmission and storage.

CfNETR aims to develop innovative, reliable and quality solutions to provide both utilities and policymakers with technology options to deliver economic and sustainable energy to the community.

The Centre works closely with the community, industry and government organisations to advance Net Zero Carbon initiatives for 2050 and achieve a 100% renewable-powered economy. It focuses on the energy and climate-related issues associated with regional and remote communities in light of the Australian Government's commitment to a stronger and sustainable economy for regional Australia.

CfNETR’s focus is on fundamental and applied research to develop advanced knowledge in electrical power and low-carbon technologies for a sustainable ecosystem.

CfNETR’s objectives

The principle objectives of the Centre are to:

  • align with the efforts of key new energy players to help overcome issues related to new energy production, storage, distribution, connection standards, policies and management
  • increase opportunities for regional students to undertake research alongside other universities and local industries focused on new energy
  • prepare graduates that are relevant to employers in the new energy sector via meaningful industry placement
  • ensure postgraduate students are working with industry to solve critical problems in the lifecycle of new energy
  • develop demonstration and pilot projects in partnership with industry that help to develop solutions that have the potential to be commercialised and/or upscaled

CfNETR builds on Federation University’s expertise and partnerships and helps to deliver on the University’s commitment to the growth of new energy. The Centre was established with $2.43 million of funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Research Collaboration Program and has been developed in partnership with the Swinburne University of Technology, AusNet Services and Mondo, and C4NET as core partners.

CfNETR’s research streams

CfNETR’s objectives are aligned with its four research streams:

Australian Government funding for CfNETR

In 2021, the Ministers for Education and Regional Education (Tudge/McKenzie), announced $2.43 million in funding to establish the Centre for New Energy Transition Research at Federation University. The Centre is supported by Swinburne University, AusNet/Mondo, API, EQUIS, C4NET and other industry partners.


Download the Centre for New Energy Transition Research brochure (PDF, 1.1mb).