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ARC and NHMRC due dates

ARC LIEF - Notice of Intent (NOI) LE22

Updated 01/12/2020

Notices of Intent (NoI) for LE22 were due to Research Funding 12 noon Monday 16 November 2020

FedUni LIEF LE22 NoI form (Word Doc 193 KB) for internal and external lead applications

If you are interested in applying for a LIEF LE22, please discuss this with your Dean or Nominee in the first instance to confirm school support before contacting

LIEF2022 VicLIEF expressions of interest

In preparation for the ARC LIEF 2022 grants round, Victorian universities will once again collaborate via a VicLIEF Expressions of Interest process to coordinate applications.

All Federation University researchers intending to submit a LIEF grant application for the 2022 round are required to enter a VicLIEF EoI submission.

The key dates related to VicLIEF and LE22 EoI submission can be found on the help-sheet available below.

Once the VicLIEF EoI period is complete, the submissions will be reviewed and any further information or clarification will be requested. The DVCRs from each of the participating Victorian university will then meet to review and provide feedback on the submissions.

The help-sheet for the LE22 VicLIEF Expressions of Interest process is found here:

LE22 EOI Helpsheet - Fed - Nov20 (Word Doc 258KB)

LE22 VicLIEF EOI sample (PDF 62KB)

ARC and NHMRC application process 2021/22

Updated  12/01/2021

The first steps to applying for ARC and NHMRC funding:

The process for all Federation University administered ARC Discovery Program, ARC Linkage Program (exc. LIEF) and NHMRC rounds is as follows:

  1. A Dean signed ARC/NHMRC Grant Expression of Interest (EOI) form must be submitted to Research Funding by the advertised date for the scheme.  The DVCRI and the appropriate Dean or nominee will determine EOI outcomes. If the EOI is approved to progress, the full application will need to pass through the following steps in order:
  2. Two peer reviews (arranged by applicant);
  3. School support system including review by an internal (or external where appropriate) ARC or NHMRC expert.  This review will assist applicants in gauging the competitiveness of their application and identify gaps.  This may also include compulsory attendance at an Internal Workshop or meeting.
  4. Research Funding compliance and budget check;
  5. Dean and DVCRI approval for final submission.

The benefits of undertaking this process include:

  • To ensure that applicants are provided with appropriate support to develop their applications;
  • To ensure that applications are reviewed appropriately,and if they are to be submitted, are of competitive quality; and
  • To ensure that Federation University's reputation is not compromised by the submission of non-competitive applications, nor that undue time is spent on developing applications that are unlikely to be competitive.

ARC/NHMRC Grant Expression of Interest (EOI) forms can be downloaded here via the Funding Forms web page.

Submission to the RAO via RMS or Sapphire is considered confirmation from the applicant that their proposal is ready for endorsement and submission to the funding body.

ARC and NHMRC expression of interest dates 2021/22

Updated 12/01/2021


ARC or NHMRC Scheme

EOI Deadline 12 noon

ARC Discovery Program

Discovery Projects DP22

Weds 22nd July 2020

See below for DP22 Internal Dates and Milestones

Discovery Projects DP23

Weds 3rd Nov 2021

Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) DE23

Weds 28th July 2021

Discovery Indigenous IN23

Weds 24th Nov 2021

Future Fellowships FT22

Weds 18th Aug 2021

Australian Laureate Fellowships FL22

Weds 7th July 2021

ARC Linkage Program

Linkage Projects LP21 - Round 1

Fri 15th Jan 2021

Linkage Projects LP21 - Round 2

Mon 26th Apr 2021

Linkage Projects LP21 - Round 3

Thur 26th Aug 2021

Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) LE22

Please see current LIEF dates and NOI process

All Other Linkage Program Schemes

15 weeks before the ARC external deadline


Investigator Grants 2021 applications

Weds 6th Jan 2021

Synergy Grants 2021 applications

Weds 20th Jan 2021

Ideas Grants 2021 applications

Weds 3rd Feb 2021

Strategic and Leveraging Grants 2021-22 applications

Dependent on sub-scheme

Partnership Projects 2021

Continuous from 13th Jan to 1st Dec 2021

Weds 4th Aug 2021

Postgraduate Scholarships 2021

Weds 10th Mar 2021

Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies 2021

Weds 2nd June 2021

All Other NHMRC Schemes

15 weeks before the NHMRC external deadline

*EOI deadlines are subject to change upon release of ARC and NHMRC external deadlines. Updates will be communicated via the school and FedNews.

The majority of subsequent internal deadlines are available below on our ARC and NHMRC internal dates for current rounds page and others will be set and released upon receipt of EOIs. Adherence to the above deadlines ensures that the DVCRI approved process is carried out and managed effectively. Late EOIs will not be accepted unless exceptional circumstances apply, and have been pre-approved by both the School and the DVCRI. However, Research Services staff can be contacted at any time during the process to discuss any aspect of an application.

Any questions or concerns regarding the process can be directed to Tina D’Urbano, Team Leader Research Funding (

For Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants & Other Relevant Docs please scroll below.

ARC and NHMRC internal dates for current rounds (2021/22 applications)

Updated 25/08/2021

The Internal Dates for ARC schemes in 2021-22 have been released and are available here.

ARC NCGP 2021-22 Scheme Internal Dates - v3 (Word Doc, 32kb)

The NHMRC internal dates and milestones are available here:

Ideas Grant 2021 Applications

NHMRC Ideas 2021 Internal Due Dates and Milestones - v1.0 (Word Doc 192kb)

Partnership Projects (PRC3) 2021 Applications

NHMRC-Partnership-2021-Internal-Due-Dates-and-Milestones-v1.0 (Word Doc  43kb)

For EOI deadlines, please see the table above under ARC & NHMRC expression of interest dates 2020/21.

Please be aware that ARC and NHMRC due dates change from time to time.

Any questions or concerns regarding the process can be directed to Tina D’Urbano, Team Leader, Research Funding (

For Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants & Other Relevant Docs please scroll below.

Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants and other relevant docs

Updated 20/08/2021

Further information and documentation for each ARC and NHMRC funding scheme are available as per below:


To view the ARC dates and documentation, please login to GrantConnect and search for the relevant scheme. If you don't have a GrantConnect login, you can register via the same link.

Documentation such as guidelines (previously funding rules), instructions and FAQs for all Commonwealth funded schemes should be accessed via GrantConnect directly.

Further information on ARC schemes is still available via the ARC website:

ARC Certification forms

The current ARC Discovery and Linkage Written Certification Forms are now available for download below.  Please ensure you use these versions if you are submitting a Federation University Lead Discovery or Linkage Program application:

ARC Written Certification forms for other schemes will be made available based upon need.


Updated 14/01/2021

To view the NHMRC dates and documentation, please login to GrantConnect and search for the relevant scheme. If you don't have a GrantConnect login, you can register via the same link.

Please note that documentation such as guidelines (previously funding rules), instructions and FAQs is no longer updated on the NHMRC website.

Further information on the new NHMRC schemes is available via the NHMRC website:

NHMRC and MRFF Certification form (2021)

The CIA (Primary Chief Investigator) must provide the RAO with evidence that the application is complete and that all Chief and Associate Investigators have agreed to it, i.e. through written evidence such as email or signature on this form. Such written evidence should be retained by the Administering Institution and must be provided to NHMRC if requested.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding these grants, please contact the Research Funding Team at

*Please also check with your School ADR or Centre Director for any additional requirements.*

Budget support and information

For assistance with the project budget costing pro forma, please contact