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Stable Landforms and Mine Rehabilitation

This research stream aims to stabilise landscapes and mining landforms through soil conditioning and revegetation programs to address further deterioration.

It seeks to transform landscapes in order to make them either productive or of ecological value. This will entail creating safe, stable and sustainable landforms by quantifying and linking physical, hydrological, geochemical, biological and geomechanical processes.

FRRC’s focus on developing long-term solutions for the closure process for all mines in the Latrobe Valley will be expanded to incorporate mines and quarrying operations across the state, within Australia and ultimately internationally.

Research stream leaders

Professor Thomas Baumgartl


School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences



Expertise: mine stability for mine closure


Research team

Dr Gayan Kahandawa Appuhamillage

Professor Thomas Baumgartl

Dr Gopi Chattopadhyay

Larissa Koroznikova

Dr Suryani Lim

Associate Professor Ean Ooi

Dr Amin Soltani

Haydn Swan

Dr Greg You


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