Centre for New Energy Transition Research (CfNETR)


The Centre for New Energy Transition Research (CfNETR) delivers research, training and skills development in new energy generation, transmission and storage. CfNETR has a centre director and advisor, as well as leadership teams for each of its four research streams. The CfNETR Director is Professor Nima Amjady and the Centre Advisor is Professor Syed Islam.

Research streams

CfNETR’s research is organised into four research streams:

Microgrids and Renewables

This stream focuses on smart control of energy storage and microgrids, and innovative solutions for renewable energy integration.

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Future Grid and Community Energy

This stream focuses on future energy needs such as smart grid management and security and power network resilience.

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Future Fuel and Hydrogen Economy

This stream focuses on addressing future fuel needs such as low-emission fuel production and storage and capture technologies.

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Net Zero Initiatives

This stream focuses on Net Zero initiatives such as optimising water and energy use and minimising human impacts.

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CfNETR brings together expertise to conduct impactful research to support the new power and energy sector.

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