Research funding

From application to acquittal, the Research Funding Team provides the full range of advice, reviewing, reporting and management for research grants, contracts, tenders and fellowships.

Competitive Grants Support Program (CGSP)

For further information, please refer to the Researcher Development Competitive Grants Support Program page.

Policy and Procedures

Last updated 21/09/2023

To view the Research and Research Training Policy and Research Funding Procedures, please follow the links below.

Research and Research Training Policy

Applying for Research Funding Procedure (Pre-Award)

Management of Research Funding Procedure (Post-Award)

Contact us

Last updated 14/09/2023

Please visit our Research Services Contact us webpage for further information on how to get in touch.

For any administrative or financial inquiries related to research funding, please contact an appropriate Research Services staff member.

For academic or discipline specific assistance with a research funding application or inquiries regarding approval processes, please contact your Centre Director or equivalent.

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