Computational and Intelligent Mathematics

This research stream applies optimisation methods and approaches to model and solve real-world problems in machine learning, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and finance.

The stream focuses on research in numerical optimisation, and in particular, on numerical non-smooth and global optimisation.

Special emphasis is placed on modelling water and power distribution systems using optimisation approaches and developing new algorithms to optimise large water and power distribution systems.

Research stream leader

Professor Adil Baghirov



Marco Antonio (Hon)

Optimisation, variational analysis

Professor Adil Baghirov (Leader)

Optimisation, non-smooth analysis, operations research, machine learning

Associate Professor Andrew Barton

Water resource optimisation

Dr Savin Chand

Statistical modelling, natural climate variability, climate modelling

Dr Minh Dao

Mathematical optimisation, convex and variational analysis, control theory

Phan Quoc Kha (Hon)

Optimisation, variational analysis

Professor Alex Kruger (Hon)

Variational analysis, optimisation

Jíří Outrata (Hon)

Optimisation, variational analysis

Dr Nargiz Sultanova

Non-smooth optimisation

Dr Sona Taheri (Adjunct)

Non-smooth optimisation, operations research

Michel Théra (Hon)

Optimisation, variational analysis

Associate Professor David Yost (Hon)

Convex geometry, functional analysis

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