Smart solutions for smarter, more resilient communities and industries

Established in 2022, the Centre for Smart Analytics (CSA) brings together expertise from across Federation University and its partner organisations. These multidisciplinary teams are working to develop new knowledge and innovative solutions to the grand challenges of smart and resilient cities, regions and industries – solutions that positively impact lives and communities, both nationally and internationally.

CSA’s research activities include:

  • supporting smart cities, regional ecosystems and the Australian Government’s digital economy strategy to secure sustained prosperity, employability and improved liveability
  • managing optimised use of water, energy and natural resources to help Australia’s businesses and agriculture stay globally competitive and protect the environment
  • safeguarding Australia’s critical infrastructure and essential services against external and internal cyberattacks
  • exploring next-generation education systems to equip students for future challenges and opportunities
  • understanding the impact of changing demography, environment and globalisation, and engaging more actively with industries and government for novel solutions and policymaking

Digital technology is the key enabler for secured, sustained and growth-focused socio-economic systems. Relentless innovation and continual research will be required to find solutions that ensure smart living and education for citizens, provide breakthrough technology solutions, support the Australian government’s digital economy strategy, lift global competitiveness, boost industrial productivity, strengthen national security and address societal challenges.

CSA collaborates with regional communities, government and industry partners and researchers from national and overseas research organisations. In particular, it leverages its strong existing and emerging research collaboration opportunities with IBM and City Councils of Casey, Ballarat, Grampians and the Wimmera and Latrobe Valley. It works closely with the state and commonwealth governments and contributes to national capacity building through various initiatives.

CSA’s objectives

The principal objectives of the Centre are to:

  • support local city councils through research to build smart city ecosystems that enhance liveability and employability while establishing them as destinations of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM) education
  • develop strategies for cost-effective technological, environmental and socio-economic solutions for regional Australia to ensure growth, sustainability and knowledge sharing
  • make Australia’s critical infrastructure and essential services (e.g. transportation, power, water) resilient against cyberattacks using AI-enhanced models for threat intelligence and attack prevention
  • investigate simple, fast and robust end-to-end product traceability solutions for flexible, agile and secured supply chain management
  • collaborate with industries to optimise resource utilisation in their business operation for responsible innovation and climate conversation

CSA builds on Federation University’s proven success in building new knowledge and innovative solutions to the grand challenges of smart and resilient communities and industries, to deliver more for less to the increasing worldwide population amid greater and complex challenges of urbanisation using limited and already strained resources, to maintain Australia’s global competitiveness and security.

CSA’s research streams

CSA’s objectives are aligned with its five research streams:


Download the Centre for Smart Analytics brochure (PDF, 975kb).


For queries about CSA’s research, or to discuss collaborating or researching with us, get in touch with the Centre Directors via the Contact page.