Circular Economy

This research stream mobilises environmental engineering, advanced monitoring and modelling expertise to improve how we use and re-use products and waste.

These disciplines represent the primary drivers defining circular economy, which this stream builds upon.

It uses emerging techniques to provide the tools needed to inform industry, government and community of the optimisation in the use and re-use of product and waste streams.

This stream will integrate its University internal links with the Carbon Technology Research Group and experts in areas such as advanced monitoring technologies (sensor networks, Internet of Things). It will build on established relationships with organisations such as Food and Fibre Gippsland, water utilities, CSIRO and Australian Carbon Innovation to develop novel solutions and new products.

Research stream leaders

Associate Professor Ean Ooi

Institute of Innovation, Science and Sustainability

Expertise: Computational mechanics, structural engineering


Associate Professor Ayon Chakraborty 

Institute of Innovation, Science and Sustainability

Expertise: Engineering Project Management