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Other due dates

Updated 04/08/2021

Some external research funding schemes have strict eligibility requirements and require early preparation. Please be aware of the internal due dates for the scheme you are interested in.

If you are interested in applying for a funding opportunity that has a limit on applications per organisation or strict eligibility requirements, please submit your Funding Expression of Interest (FEOI) form by the advertised deadline to avoid disappointment.  If no FEOI deadline is advertised, our usual timeline applies (15 business days before the external deadline).

To search for national and international funding schemes related to your research and discipline area, please login to Research Professional via our Funding opportunities web page.

Telematics Trust 2021 Grant Round

Updated 15/09/2021

Telematics Trust calls for applications that demonstrate innovative use of technology through education and training

2021 grant round opens 6 September 2021

For over 30 years, the Trust has been committed to supporting organisations that seek to demonstrate innovative use of technology through education and training.

The Trust aims to fund initiatives that achieve its vision, by demonstrating innovative use of technology through education and training which aim to measurably improve the well-being of the community and environment. Projects should also use technology to reach diverse groups and address important practical problems in our community and environment.

To achieve this, the Trust provides unique funding opportunities to individuals, educational institutes, government, business, not for profit organisations and social enterprises that aim to foster innovation in education, support the use of new technologies and promote Victorian lead initiatives that benefit Victorian communities.

The Trust recognises that solving the most pressing challenges requires collaboration and team work. Those seeking funding from the Trust must have some level of partnership funding, be it cash or in-kind support.

The Trust and an independent group of reviewers will work together to select the most promising proposals.

Funding Support
The Trust provides grants of up to $50,000.

Assessment criteria
The quality of the applicant and their ability to deliver the project, and;
* the promotion of public education and training in Victoria;
* an important innovation or the solution to an important practical problem; and
* economic or social benefit to Victoria.

The Trust will not fund:
* projects that are >50% infrastructural and/or equipment;
* Recurring, permanent salaries, however the Trust will fund salaries for special purpose projects;
* projects that translate curriculum materials from one medium to another;
* core organisational costs;
* projects lacking innovation. Innovation is defined as a new idea, device or method; and
* the same project more than once.

All projects must:
* be based in Victoria and be for the benefit of Victoria and Victorians;
* be education and/or training driven and market oriented; and
* have a significant commitment of support from the applicant organisation, which may include in-kind or monetary contributions. 

Only one application will be considered per applicant. Exceptions may be made if multiple applications are received from universities and other large organisations where they represent different faculties, departments or schools, and the proposals are unrelated.

Further information about the Telematics Trust can be obtained from

Internal Deadlines

Scheme opens

*FEOI deadline

*Internal compliance 
(and budget) deadline

Final internal submission deadline 
to Research Funding

External deadline

9am 06/09/2021

12 noon 16/09/2021

12 noon 23/09/2021

12 noon 04/10/2021

5pm 08/10/2021

*STRICT - Eligibility requirements for this scheme mean that late FEOIs and Internal Compliance versions (applications) cannot be accepted.

NOTE: For universities, Telematics Trust will accept only one application per school – and these must be unrelated projects. To meet this criteria it may be necessary to have an internal review and selection process.  Approval to submit to the funding body is at the discretion of the DVCRI.

Supporting documents

Telematics_Trust_Grant_Application_Worksheet-2021 - FedUni (docx 127 KB) - please use this FedUni-specific form for drafting your application.

For guidelines, FAQs and other information please visit the Telematics Trust website.

Please submit your Funding Expression of Interest (FEOI) form, signed by your Dean or nominee to by the FEOI deadline.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding these grants, please contact the Research Funding Team at

*Please also check with your School ADR or Centre Director for any additional requirements.*

Budget support and information

For assistance with the project budget costing pro forma, please contact