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Soil Health, Food and Fibre

This research stream explores the contribution of soils to the long-term stability of landforms and their role in capturing carbon and advancing agriculture.

It is concerned with providing soils as a contributor to long-term stable soil systems, quantifying the potential of soils as sinks for carbon, and advancing agriculture by improving soil health.

Research understanding the linkages between food production, re-use of agricultural waste and optimisation of soil systems functions in light of climate change challenges and is directed towards defining, planning and optimising sustainable production services for society.

Research stream leaders

Associate Professor Kim Dowling

Professor Andrew O'Loughlin

School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

Federation Business School


Expertise: soil contaminants

Expertise management

Research team

Dr Mehmood Chadhar

Associate Professor Kim Dowling

Associate Professor Singarayer Florentine

Profosser Fergal Grace

Associate Professor Andrew Greenhill

Craig Hurley

Professor Andrew O'Loughlin

Dr Paul McPhee

Dr Giles Oatley

Dr Jessica Reeves

Dr Nathan Robinson

Haydn Swan

Associate Professor Helen Thompson


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