Lalala Teramoto graduate profileDegree

Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Graduation year

2011, 2014

For Japan, Lalala Teramoto was the first student studying overseas alone with cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair with restricted mobility.

She began her public speaking career in 2008 and continues to attend various occasions as a speaker or a panellist. In 2011, she published a book Lalala’s Style: in a wheelchair and in Australia! from Magazine House in Tokyo. The book consists of journal entries as chapters about years at Ballarat and Clarendon Collage and the beginning of student life at University of Ballarat.

After she graduated, she started working as a translator and an interpreter. She has worked on subtitles for Japanese documentary film “100 Ways of Thank You!”, a stage musical performed by 114 survivors of 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami, and other plays.