Sarah Morrison graduate profile imageDegree

Bachelor of Arts (Music Theatre)

Graduation year


Current position



Queensland Theatre

What are some of your career highlights?

  • Travelling abroad to perform in countries such as Singapore, Philippines, UAE
  • Working with music legends such as Tim Finn and Mark Seymour
  • Breakthrough lead role in the new, Helpmann Award winning Australian musical, Ladies in Black
  • Performing at the Helpmann Awards 2016
  • Working on The Dr Blake Mysteries

Describe the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of your job

Easily the hardest aspect of pursuing acting is the constant rejection.  For every job you land you will have said farewell to ten others.  But I have often learnt more in auditions that have not gone well than in those that I thought went great but never hear back from.

The most enjoyable part about my job is the license to be creative and the opportunities to constantly challenge and stretch myself.  I feel like I am always learning and have so many things I still want to achieve.  If anything the list of goals only grows longer not shorter.

What are your strongest memories while you were studying at Federation University Australia?

The strongest memory about attending the Arts Academy is the sense of community.  You have no idea how important that is until you leave and find yourself in an even larger family of alumni.  The number of heart-warming messages full of pride I received from Arts Academy students while performing at MTC was overwhelming.

Do you have any advice about life after study to pass on to current students?

I think the most important thing to remember is to have patience and always be kind to yourself. It’s easy to feel impatient at times when you graduate and are so eager to get the ball rolling but establishing yourself can take years.  So pace yourself and keep your skills sharp in the meantime.

In one sentence what words of wisdom would you pass on to students

'We don't rise the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.'  Archilochus