Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Graduation year


Current position



McGuire College, Shepparton

Country of origin


Reza Karnejat arrived in Australia from Iran in 2010 and enrolled in our Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree the following year. He now works as a teacher of Maths, Science and Persian language at McGuire College in Shepparton, northern Victoria.

‘Studying at FedUni was amazing because of the high quality course content,’ says Reza. ‘When I started working in my first school after graduation I could confidently contribute to every staff discussion, from curriculum development to student well-being.

‘Another important thing was the wonderful support I had from my classmates and especially my teachers. All of them were so helpful. Whenever I had any problems with understanding the content or assignments, they were always there to help.

‘I’m really enjoying teaching in Australia. It’s great to work with young people and understand more every day about the way that they think and learn.’