Warren Jenkins imageFedUni Masters student shares lessons on China

For Berwick business owner and FedUni Masters student Warren Jenkins, a visit to China proved to be a trip of a lifetime.

The owner of Design Unity, Warren is currently completing a Masters of Business Administration at Federation University Australia’s Gippsland Campus.

He became passionate about China after a two-week exchange program at Dalian University and recommends fellow FedUni students do the same.

Mr Jenkins says the exchange program allowed him to better understand the rapidly changing business landscape that has seen an increase in Chinese investment in residential and commercial real estate throughout Australia.

“Over the years we have been developing relationships with Chinese people and have slowly built a network of clients. I also have Chinese mentors who help me understand the business culture of Chinese people,” he said.

“I applied for the exchange as I wanted to understand this culture first-hand, immerse myself and bring back new skills to help me develop my relationships with my current clients, future clients and partners.”

Mr Jenkins adds that despite the challenges of being in a foreign country, the exchange program has had a big impact on how he communicates with his partners back home.

“Being a foreign non-Chinese speaking person was eye opening. I was under the impression that many would speak English and that I would integrate quite well,” Mr Jenkins said.

“As few people actually spoke English I was forced to use my new-found language skills and utilise all of my communication ability to ask the simplest question.

“I have a new found respect for my Chinese and international partners in Australia. How amazing is it to live in a country that is completely foreign and to have the courage to undertake business and trust people who think very different to you?”

The future looks bright for Warren. He has been able to apply learnings from the exchange program and studies directly to his business.

“Since commencing the MBA, I have made substantial improvements already. I have been able to better resource my team, reduce operating costs yet maintain revenues and improve profits. I still have more to achieve,” he said.

“The future is exciting and it will include continued improvement of my business with a strategy for sustainable growth, I will pursue innovation roles as my mind is very open and I look forward to new opportunities. “I am proud of my achievements as an MBA student and look forward to the accomplishment of graduating for my own achievement and to encourage my children and family to continue studying.”