JACOB Elizabeth


Masters of Business Administration

Current position

Senior Manager, Sales Learning


Lenovo, Malaysia

What are some of your career highlights?

  • I started in the IT software development function, and moved into Technical Training, as that filled my passion in developing people.
  • Experience in training across different industries.
  • Becoming a people manager was a great achievement for me, and I love the management of team members across several countries today
  • My MBA has given me confidence in my work ability and broadened my knowledge. After graduation I have had the opportunity to work with different companies such as Dell, BBraun and Lenovo. In all my workplaces I have been known to be an ambitious and capable leader.

Describe the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of your job

  • Strategic discussion and making the right strategic decision for the organisation's success
  • Working to the globalised organisational structure is really exciting, being able to have access to leaders in the different regions, and also opens up my horizons to the various different cultures across the globe.
  • It does cause some challenges with working to all the different time zones, but it has also taught me to be flexible and have great time management techniques.

What are your strongest memories while you were studying at Federation University Australia?

  • I loved the access to and engagement with the the very knowledgeable lecturers, who were practitioners in their respective fields. Their teachings and sharing were very valuable to my development.
  • I also loved the networking with all the other students from the different departments in Dell, learning from them and leveraging different strengths.
  • The knowledge learnt via the MBA program has increased my acumen as a leader in Dell.

Do you have any advice about life after study to pass on to current students?

  • You must have great time management skills to undertake an MBA part-time. Learn to outsource some work as needed.
  • Stay organised and focussed to succeed
  • You will be highly knowledgeable, having a broader knowledge base to your own functional area.You will be able to contribute more as your understanding has broadened and deepened.
  • You would have built better analytical skills, having worked on the various assignments. And this will give you a more objective decision making capability.
  • Enjoy your weekends!