LOWE, Bill

Bill Lowe imageYears at SMB



Applied Physics (SMB's 2nd Physics Graduate)

Education post SMB

Bach App Tech (App Phys) RMIT, & 1990 PhD Socio-economics Monash Uni

Employment History

1967-2002Eastan Kokak 
 8 yearsR & D introduced Digital imaging
 5 yearsManagement colour quality control & services
 2 yearsSydney Manager
 3 yearsRegional Service Manager
 4 yearsMotion picture imaging specialist - office in Singapore, across S/east Asia, & middle east countries
 3 yearsRegional high speed digital imaging specialist
 3 yearsResearch team leader with Ziggy Switkowski, several major innovative projects
  Founded a division in CSIRO in Mining & Support Services
2002 Founded a business in property research, business coaching & family law meditation
2005 Started SMSF.  Assisted BGL Corp with software innovation & development