Bachelor of Engineering, Mining

Graduation year


Current position

Principal Engineer


Mining One Consultants

What are some of your career highlights?

My mining degree has provided me with opportunities to work throughout Australia in a great range of commodities, including gold, iron ore, diamonds and coal. The extensive experience I gained in mining projects and operations has led to my current role as a consultant, where I provide technical expertise to the mining industry in Australia and internationally, including extensive work in South East Asia, Africa, South America and China.

Describe the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of your job

I like the diversity that consulting provides, new daily challenges and the opportunity to work with a range of industry professionals.

What are your strongest memories of studying at the University?

Late nights finishing assignments late nights drinking beer some nights doing both at the same time.

Do you have any advice about life after study to pass on to current students?

Learn the fundamentals first and then worry about moving up. There is a lack of skill in upper management due to recent boom cycles and this will position you well for future opportunities. Focus on networking it will become very important as your career progresses.

What words of wisdom would you pass on to students?

My advice to students and graduates is to learn the fundamentals first as this will position you well for moving up into either senior roles or management positions. Networking is key so make sure you build professional relationships - it will become very important as your career progresses.

Never underestimate your own capabilities and always back yourself.