ELHAWARY, Dr Hassan Mohamed

Image - Dr Hassan Mohamed Elhawary 

Degree Studied

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) 
Doctor of Philosophy

Graduation year

2008, 2010, 2015

Current position

Sessional Academic


Federation Business School

Hassan Elhawary qualified as an Accountant, completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at Al Mansurah University, Egypt in 1993.

After arriving in Australia he returned to study at the former University of Ballarat, completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) in 2008, followed by a Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Accounting) in 2010 with first class honours. 

Subsequently, Hassan commenced his Doctor of Philosophy in 2010 and completed this study in December 2014.  Hassan graduated in the recent May graduation ceremonies.  

Hassan's thesis is titled "The Saga of Accounting for Land Under Roads by Australian Local Governments". An article based on Hassan's PhD research has been published in the latest issue of the Australian Accounting Review (Vol. 25, No. 1) under the title "All for nothing? Accounting for land under roads by Australian local governments".

Hassan has presented at multiple research conferences and has also achieved a number of awards for academic excellence including: the significant award of Best Paper in the International Accounting, Public Sector, and Not-for-Profit streams. 

Hassan is currently undertaking sessional work in the Federation Business School.