BUNN, Gary

Gary Bunn imageYears at SMB



Metallurgy, Art

Education post SMB

MAppSci (Innovation and Service Management) RMIT

Employment History

  My intermittent and hence extended studies were funded by stints as an analyst with King Island Scheelite (1947) Ltd; The Tasmanian Department of Mines; Groote Eylandt Mining Co; Titanium and Zirconium Industries; Cobar Mines; Mount Morgan Mine; Amcast Engineering; and WMC Kambalda Nickel.  An additional tickle of cash was derived from performing in the band that tolerated me for (too) many years.
  The last thirty five years have been spent within Victoria (apart from the occasional reconnaissance Sortie in the Northern Hemisphere) with some excellent people at Extruded Metals; Patience and Nicholson; Amcast Engineering; Simsmetal Aluminium Smelter; and Thompsons, Kelly and Lewis.
  I am now assisting my Kelpie on her daily and most mysterious adventures and writing about life and Lesser Perils.