BEER, Aunty Jennifer

2021 Alumni Award for Community Service


Certificate II in Arts (Care and Management of Aboriginal and Islander Culture Material)

Graduation year


Aunty Jennifer Beer is a traditional owner, Aboriginal elder, and passionate education advocate who has been fundamental in the recovery of Wergaia language in the Wimmera region of Victoria.

First graduating from the University of Ballarat in 2001 with a Certificate II in Arts (Care and Management of Aboriginal and Islander Culture Material), Jennifer began her career in various education roles working to promote a better understanding of First Nations people, culture and community. Recently she was involved in the official dual naming of the Federation University Wimmera Campus Library interpreting the official Wergaia name of “Werrunangity larr Wimmerata” meaning “A Quiet Place in the Wimmera”.

Aunty Jennifer is Board Member and Language sub-Committee Chair of Barengi Gadjin Land Council (BGLC) who represent Traditional Owners from the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagulk peoples and the only body in the region with the legislative authority to make legal decisions about cultural heritage. She contributed to BGLC Land Title claim success in a 2005 Native Title Consent Determination, the first in south-eastern Australia. She also served as a Council member of the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council for ten years before her retirement form the role just this year.

Aunty Jennifer Beer’s drive to enhance community through language, arts and culture makes her a worthy recipient of the inaugural Alumni Award for Community Service.