2017 International Alumnus of the Year


Bachelor of Engineering Science (Civil Engineering) and Masters of Engineering Technology (Civil Engineering)

Graduation year

2009 and 2011


United Arab Emirates Government

At the time of his enrolment in 2007, Saeed Al Muharrami was the only United Arab Emirates student studying at our University.

Saeed became a pro-active member of the University community, achieved a high standard of grades, and was inducted into the Golden Key International Honours Society in 2011.

He became an outstanding ambassador through his leadership as President of the Ballarat Arab Student Society and the United Arab Emirates as Student Ambassador. Saeed was also involved through his personal networking, in attracting and encouraging more Saudi students to move to Ballarat and study at our University.

In 2009 and 2010, he worked with the Kuwait government to help facilitate students moving to Ballarat after completing their English programs.

Saeed was one of three finalists in The Minister of Interior’s Excellence Award in 2017 in the United Arab Emirates. The award is presented to overseas students working and serving university communities during their academic programs.

Saeed now works for the United Arab Emirates Government in Washington D.C.