DegreeSupun Hewathenna

Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics)

Graduation year


What do you hope to achieve in your career?

As a Business Analyst, it is my job to make strong and relevant recommendations both in the interest of the client and the organization. My current short-term goal is to gain more experience as a Business Analyst, develop my skills and advance my role. I plan to work towards achieving my career goals by taking up leadership roles in the industry and networking with industry experts to work together with the company to achieve its goals and maintain its market dominance.

Describe the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of your studies

I chose to study Business Analysis as it's been my profession for over six years, and I wanted to get a Masters degree relevant to my career. When choosing the course I went through the course content and thought the practical lessons of modern industry related BA tools were amazing. Business Analysis is not a role you can conduct without knowledge of industry related BA tools. The most enjoyable aspect of my studies was the modern BA tool-based lessons which provided strong and deeper understanding.

The challenging aspect of my studies was that I had to give 100% commitment towards my studies, so needed a proper plan for balance life and studies, At first finding this balance was a challenge to me, but later on I achieved a balance and was more comfortable and less stressed with my studies and life. I was able to work part-time to earn some extra money during my study period as well.

What are your strongest memories while you were studying at the University?

When I was in my last year, we have to face Covid 19 pandemic. With the pandemic, the learning method changed to online. I did not have previous experience of online/distance studying, but Federation University provided all the required software, licenses, and resources immediately.  We have to download some tools to our computer and unfortunately my laptop did not have strong capacity. When I informed the university of this they provided financial assistance for a new computer. It helped me complete my studies from home.

In May 2020, I got the saddest news in my life when my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer and needed immediate surgery to save his life. I couldn't go back to Sri Lanka because of the pandemic and all financial support for my studies came through our family business, operated by my father, meaning this was an extra mentally challenging time for me. I was suddenly under a lot of pressure because of my father’s illness, his surgery, finances, and my studies, but my lecturers and tutors, especially Dr Taiwo Oseni and Dr Jane Joseph, helped me be strong. Their support encouraged me to complete my studies on time without extensions for any assignments or examinations. I am very grateful to my lecturers and the University for such support and understanding during the hardest phase of my life.

Do you have any advice about life after study to pass on to current students?

My advice to any future or current students is to try to accept all the challenges in your life with confidence. In any journey there will be hurdles and drawbacks, regrets, highs and also lows. Believe in yourself and be confident as every experience can be a lesson. Accept the challenges no matter if they make you happy or sad. At Federation University,the teaching staff are so supportive, so talk to them and pay close attention to their advice. The best thing any student can feel is supported by your university in any circumstances. Thank you so much Federation University. You gave me that feeling during the hardest part of my life. You are the best!